Let's go green



Let's go green. Our goal is to have a product catalogue as much eco-friendly as possible,

consisting in products made by recycled and recyclable materials, and natural raw materials. 



The quality seal present on each carpet certifies our commitment, and the labels on our products
contain all the information about certifications, which are easily recognisable with these icons:



RECYCLABLE: indicates that the carpet can be recycled, meaning transformed into 
new raw material or a new product.

  RECYCLED: indicates that the carpet is made with recycled materials, like plastic, cotton, etc.

OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATION: indicates that our carpets don’t contain
harmful substances.

  GOTS: indicates that the carpet contains at least 70% of fibers made from organic farming.
REACHit is a E.U. regulation, limiting chemical levels in all imported products.   AZO - FREE: indicates that the carpet DOES NOT contain azoic dyes and metals.
SGS: indicates that our carpets follow national and international standards and norms,
or the standards required by the customer, through specific certifications.
  100% COTTON: indicates that the carpet is made at 100% with biological cotton.


Olivo Tappeti, a green company.

La Environmental awareness is one of the most important trends nowadays,
for both companies and customers.
To us it’s more than a trend, it is part of our nature, as showed by our catalogue
with 80% of recyclable products, many others made with recycled products and our collections made by natural cotton







We care a lot about our sustainability certifications, we use only paper and polyethylene packaging.
We self-produce 60% of the energy used for our activity,
thanks to a 57,6 kw solar system installed from 2011. 




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