the faces of OLIVO TAPPETI:

Andrea Raffagnato

Between the lanes of the warehouse, dreaming of the tour of Italy and Enzo Ferrari

22 years, in Olivo group for less than two, Andrea follows the warehouse management and logistics operations.
He participates in the preparation of orders, a team work together with colleagues: we receive the order from the agents, we select the packages from the warehouse lanes, they are transported with the electric pallet truck, and we check that everything is done as a work of art .
Better, it is left to others to check, in order not to run into mistakes. When everything is fine, we switch to the wrapper to wrap and secure the pallet with a film that will protect it during the trip.
A courier will take him to his destination in a very short time.
And it is to these destinations that, inevitably, the imagination of Andrea flies: "it is delivered throughout Europe, it would be nice to go there in person to all these places!"
Passionate about motoring and rallying, with the dream of visiting Ferrari and the "Casa Enzo Ferrari" museum in Modena, Andrea practices MMA, a discipline that unites different martial arts.
His motto? "Perseverance, trust, feeling". Work is a team game, you do not do anything on your own.
To stay well, it is necessary to have harmony between people, each one must engage in his / her duties, also to favour the work of his / her colleagues.