the faces of OLIVO TAPPETI:

Arianna Virgilio

In Arianna, in Olivo Group for a year, the administrative management of the company is entrusted, with all its technical aspects, from invoicing to contact with agents, to Intrastat.
But it is also responsible for internal training, and for this reason she organises various courses on general subjects such as security, or on specific and professional subjects, such as advanced Photoshop courses or those on the lean transformation of the company (lean management).
Active and dynamic, she loves dancing, especially zumba and outdoor activities (walking, cycling), but who really keeps her in training are her two children (aged 5 and 8).
A passion for travel, preferably to sea destinations, goes well with the pleasure of preparing cakes.

What do you need at work (but not only)?
Be positive, energetic and proactive, to seize opportunities and overcome adversity. His motto comes from "Avanti tutta!" and "Carpe diem" together.