The face of Olivo Tappeti

Michele Torresin

Ready wit and irony at hand, but extremely diligent and precise when working: Michele is the smiling face of Olivo Tappeti’s customer care service. He follows the custom-made carpets: the custom-sized products are the crown jewel of our company, and follow the idea of excellence service that Olivo cares to offer to all its interlocutors.

He entered the team three years ago, carrying a long commercial experience, and he now has the critical role of customers care manager for the division, both back and front office. “This is a fundamental role in any company,” he explains “because now more than ever the reputation of a firm is extremely important, and you can create and mantain it with every little feedback coming from the customer”

With this perspective Michele faces what he considers his job: solving the most various problems, starting from the apparently easy question “what does the customer want?” to give them a quick and effective answer.

“This job can be amusing – he says – you never get bored because people and their questions are very different. Being light hearted helps, of course, and seeing the customer’s satisfaction makes me satisfied too”. We think of him as a tightrope walker, managing a great quantity of compromises but, as he says “never renouncing to ethical values, which come first and teaches integrity, transparency and sincerity. This stands both for work and private life”.

In his free time he cultivates a particular (and old) passion: he collects classic scooters, meaning the iconic Vespa. Nowadays he owns 8, but he once reached a total of 13.  “I always dreamed of having a Vespa, and I never had one until my daughter asked me to fix an old one which belonged to my father. Then i entered the world of this unique scooters, until I founded the “Graticolato Vespa Club” in 2008, where I now am the honorary president”. 200 associates taking part in many specific events, mainly during the summer period, and organizing their own meeting in august, with the sincere motto “less corners, more diners”, which doesn’t need to be explained.