The face of Olivo Tappeti

Davide Vendramin

"Live calm and enjoy what you have"

Feet on the ground, but philosophical thoughts, in the warehouse we discover a concrete young man, who knows how to enjoy the simple joys of life.

He bought a house near the company, so, among other things, he comes to work by bicycle, greatly appreciating that he can avoid commuter traffic. Davide cares very much about the quality of life, about work as well as outside. In Olivo Tappeti, where he has been active in the warehouse since September 2017, he found a nice team: “With colleagues - he says - it's good, and you never get bored. Each has its own characteristics, and also for this reason one willingly works and there is no lack of fun and "genius", now of one now of the other. "

From the company to the football field, he is always in a team game: his second jersey is that of Piazzola, where he plays as a goalkeeper, together with a friend who is also a colleague today.

A concrete man, in this phase of great changes, he has more goals than dreams, and aims to fix the practical aspects of everyday life, such as new homes and jobs. To improve, for him it is important to start from the simple things, which are the most important: to get along with everyone, to respect the environment and to re-evaluate health. These are values that should not be exchanged for career, competition, or for a frantic existence that, in the end, does not satisfy.