The face of Olivo Tappeti

LUCA Chilò (Ciospa)

To work in a warehouse, you must have the physique! Luca is a true sportsman, dedicated to the mountains, in every season, which means trecking, snowboarding, mountaineering, mountain biking on weekends, and swimming during the week to keep on training. The most beautiful landscape for him is that of the Dolomites of Agordo, where the Marmolada stands out with its glacier, but the dream, indeed the project that it shares with some traveling companions, is conquering Mont Blanc.

When walking "easy", however, is accompanied by Roger, a nine-year-old hound, taken to the shelter where Luke was a volunteer. Roger was 5 years old, but he was not good at hunting, and so he had been abandoned. With him the spark has fired, and he still does not listen much, he keeps beeing a dog that is not easily commanded.

If you are looking for Luca, see the entry "Ciospa", the nickname that the scooter friends gave him many years ago, in honor of his Vespa 50 special. Luca tells us his vision of the world, in which it is necessary to recover true, foundational relationships, often obscured by the craving for success and money. Money, on the contrary, should only be used to have the necessary, and be able to do what you like best. That's why his motto is inherited from his grandfather, who always used to say: "We are here for 2 or 3 days, passing through. Live well today! "